Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hawaii / PNYE Get-2Gether

On December 30th I had a little get-together at Annie Baileys Pub in Lancaster, PA to meet up with a few people to say goodbye before leaving for Hawaii on January 7th.

There was a great turnout, especially since I have few friends in Lancaster at all anymore. About 20 or so people came, including a number of cast and crew members from 42nd Street that I'm working on at the Fulton Opera House.

Dan, Charlie, Alicia & Dave - from High School
Annie, Alison, Erin, Sam - Actresses
Matt, Wes, Jeff, Dave, Mark - Actors
Christen, Jewel, Nykole, Anne - Crew
...... and i know i'm missing a few people!

A few people drove over but couldn't find parking (Julie) or found it to be too packed (Don) so didn't come in.

At first the place was so packed it took us a while to find some people and get drinks. After about 15 minutes or so of being there, i found a big table in the back by the smoking patio. We then comandeered a few chairs as other tables cleared out, and the two smaller tables near us left, so we had the whole very back of the restaurant little area all to ourselves! ...You just had to pass the mass of people along the bar to get to it...

We stayed at Annie Baileys until around 2 or so? Then Dan, Charlie and I went to Denney's (the kitchen at Annies closed right when we got there at 10pm so we were hungry!). It was also Dan's birthday (after midnight) so we got him a piece of chocolate cake and Charlie and I belted out the Happy Birthday song for him, to his embarrasment of course!

Finally got into the house around 3:15am, a really late night for me, especially since I had to get up relatively early the next day for 2 shows and a new years eve party, but it was well worth it to spend that time with some old and new friends! Thank you all so much to those who came out, it was really a great time.

I'll be adding photos to this in a few days, so check back for them.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Suggestions from Jeff Kuhr

Jeff Kuhr is an actor that I'm working with right now at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA. He's been to Hawaii before, and here are some of his recommendations:

"so in Kona if you go about ten minutes down the road i think south there is a great beach with amazing fish and snorkling and you can rent snorkel gear for really cheap and if you get there in the morning around 9 the turtle are out and about and feeding and you can just swim right next to them! just say the beach with the turtles or turtle beach when you ask. its not very sandy its more pebbles so not great for laying out but still super fun!
and i definetly recommend going to the top of the volcano and to the state park maybe at sunrise or thats when i went and it was incredible but i went from the Hilo side not the kona side
and check out the Kona brewing company they have some good food and beers
thats all i got for kona

ROAD TO HANA and just a little past hana is the 7 Sacred POOLS
with the water falls and the hiking!
also in maui is a great little surfer town with a nice beach called Pia'a ( pie - YAY - yah)
and Lahina is amazing with Kaanapali beach and it has great shops!
and the whole west coast of maui has great shopping and a great beach at the south end called Big Beach
maui was my favorite

Kauai was great too less touristy
and if you have the money take the helecopter ride and go see the Wailua canyon and the Napali coast! and go down to PoiPu
and eat at PUKA DOG the best hotdogs in the world unlike any hot dog you have ever had- garlic sauce sweet bread and fruit relish AMAZING!!!!

and if you have the money go SKYDIVING either in Kauai or Oahu i went in Oahu and it was worth every penny! the video is on my myspace***

Oahu has some amazing beaches on the north shore if the waves are not big and of course Waikiki beach is amazing
they also have this thing called the Stairway to Heaven which is an old staircase that goes up the entire mountain that is closed off but apparently if you go like at 5am the guards arent there, its really dangerous but i really wanna do it"

So there's that stuff to keep in mind.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

***Jeff later told me that it's around $250 to go skydiving, and another $80 for the video. ouch. As per Jeff's comment, he has informed me that the skydiving part was $140, the video around $80 and a suggested gratuity of $25, to total about $250. Still "ouch", Jeff....Lol... But I still want to go!!

Loco Moco? That's Crazy!

Meet "Loco Moco," a uniquely Hawaiian dish that I just learned about yesterday in my 2nd travel book, and then asked a few people who have had it what they thought, and just looked it up online.

First, here's what it is: A heap of white rice with a hamburger pattie on top of it, a bunch of brown gravy, and an egg or two sunnyside up or over easy to top it off (or gravy over it all). Hot pepper sauce, ketchup or soy sauce may be added on top of that to your own taste.

My first impression was this looks and sounds gross. However, friends Annie and Jeff have had it and say that it is quite good - certainly not gross - and to think of it as a sortof breakfast thing. We eat steak and eggs at some places, right? okay, hamburger and eggs isn't too far off. And we eat sheapheards pie and the like. Okay, maybe this isn't so weird. But eggs and gravy?!

Well, apparently the trick to appreciating this is to get some of all of it mixed together in each bite. Cafe 100 is the argued inventer of this, and apparently The place to try it. So, okay, I'll give it a shot when i'm there, even if I have to make a special trip for it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mel\e Kalikimaka!

Merry Christmas to you!

Among lots of great things that I received for Christmas so far this year, my mom and dad got together and both bought me luggage for my travels! It's navy blue and a nice set of 2 pcs (one carry-on size, the other larger), and I was told tonight my mom got me a 3rd one that is on the way! My mom also got me luggage tags - they are big circles with pink tropical flowers on so that they're noticeable.

So, that's one thing down on my list!
I also got some christmas money, so hopefully that will help with other purchases for the trip - including the plane tickets themselves!

Apartment, Sweet Apartment

Photos of the apartment that I will be staying at in Hawai'i:

The Kitchen - looks like nice counter space and huge sink, though an electric stove, but not bad!

Bedroom #1 - there are 2 bedrooms in this apartment.

Living/Dining Room - and if you look in the reflection of the mirror above the sofa, it looks like there may be sliding doors for a balcony! I also really like the print above the dining table.

All in all it looks pretty nice!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hawai'i: The Big Island

This is the other book on Hawai'i that I bought yesterday.
It is the original book that I looked at and had really good reviews online as well.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Real Wandering Unicorn

Perfect icon for The Adventures of a Wandering Unicorn,
incorporating travel, a unicorn and the serpent tail of Melusine.

I definitely want a weather vane like this one day,
and this image is the perfect combo I've been looking for for my Scadian Cote of Arms.

Love it.

(image from flickr)

The Big Island, Revealed

I looked through a bunch of Hawaii travel books at the book store a few days ago, found one that I really liked, was afraid I'd jinx my luck by buying it before the trip was definite and left. After finding out that the trip is confirmed, I went back to the same store and the one that I looked at before was gone. This one looks really good and is layed out a little differently, so I bought it and have looked through it. It has a nice setup. I'm still thinking that I'm going to buy the first one that I saw online, though.

Here's hoping that they help!

Planning for Hawaii

I'm officially moving to Hawai'i for three months. I plan to be leaving Lancaster, PA after I finish working on 42nd Street at the Fulton Opera House, so somewhere around January 5th, 2009. Right now, I'm just waiting to find out where I will be staying (I do know that it is somewhere on the Big Island). In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to organize and edit the things that I need to pack so that I have enough to keep me clothed and occupied for 3 months, but not over-packed.

It's been a really bumpy year and a half for me, and I'm finally recovering and so very excited to move forward with new adventures in my life!