Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hawaii / PNYE Get-2Gether

On December 30th I had a little get-together at Annie Baileys Pub in Lancaster, PA to meet up with a few people to say goodbye before leaving for Hawaii on January 7th.

There was a great turnout, especially since I have few friends in Lancaster at all anymore. About 20 or so people came, including a number of cast and crew members from 42nd Street that I'm working on at the Fulton Opera House.

Dan, Charlie, Alicia & Dave - from High School
Annie, Alison, Erin, Sam - Actresses
Matt, Wes, Jeff, Dave, Mark - Actors
Christen, Jewel, Nykole, Anne - Crew
...... and i know i'm missing a few people!

A few people drove over but couldn't find parking (Julie) or found it to be too packed (Don) so didn't come in.

At first the place was so packed it took us a while to find some people and get drinks. After about 15 minutes or so of being there, i found a big table in the back by the smoking patio. We then comandeered a few chairs as other tables cleared out, and the two smaller tables near us left, so we had the whole very back of the restaurant little area all to ourselves! ...You just had to pass the mass of people along the bar to get to it...

We stayed at Annie Baileys until around 2 or so? Then Dan, Charlie and I went to Denney's (the kitchen at Annies closed right when we got there at 10pm so we were hungry!). It was also Dan's birthday (after midnight) so we got him a piece of chocolate cake and Charlie and I belted out the Happy Birthday song for him, to his embarrasment of course!

Finally got into the house around 3:15am, a really late night for me, especially since I had to get up relatively early the next day for 2 shows and a new years eve party, but it was well worth it to spend that time with some old and new friends! Thank you all so much to those who came out, it was really a great time.

I'll be adding photos to this in a few days, so check back for them.

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