Monday, December 29, 2008

Loco Moco? That's Crazy!

Meet "Loco Moco," a uniquely Hawaiian dish that I just learned about yesterday in my 2nd travel book, and then asked a few people who have had it what they thought, and just looked it up online.

First, here's what it is: A heap of white rice with a hamburger pattie on top of it, a bunch of brown gravy, and an egg or two sunnyside up or over easy to top it off (or gravy over it all). Hot pepper sauce, ketchup or soy sauce may be added on top of that to your own taste.

My first impression was this looks and sounds gross. However, friends Annie and Jeff have had it and say that it is quite good - certainly not gross - and to think of it as a sortof breakfast thing. We eat steak and eggs at some places, right? okay, hamburger and eggs isn't too far off. And we eat sheapheards pie and the like. Okay, maybe this isn't so weird. But eggs and gravy?!

Well, apparently the trick to appreciating this is to get some of all of it mixed together in each bite. Cafe 100 is the argued inventer of this, and apparently The place to try it. So, okay, I'll give it a shot when i'm there, even if I have to make a special trip for it!

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