Monday, December 29, 2008

Suggestions from Jeff Kuhr

Jeff Kuhr is an actor that I'm working with right now at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA. He's been to Hawaii before, and here are some of his recommendations:

"so in Kona if you go about ten minutes down the road i think south there is a great beach with amazing fish and snorkling and you can rent snorkel gear for really cheap and if you get there in the morning around 9 the turtle are out and about and feeding and you can just swim right next to them! just say the beach with the turtles or turtle beach when you ask. its not very sandy its more pebbles so not great for laying out but still super fun!
and i definetly recommend going to the top of the volcano and to the state park maybe at sunrise or thats when i went and it was incredible but i went from the Hilo side not the kona side
and check out the Kona brewing company they have some good food and beers
thats all i got for kona

ROAD TO HANA and just a little past hana is the 7 Sacred POOLS
with the water falls and the hiking!
also in maui is a great little surfer town with a nice beach called Pia'a ( pie - YAY - yah)
and Lahina is amazing with Kaanapali beach and it has great shops!
and the whole west coast of maui has great shopping and a great beach at the south end called Big Beach
maui was my favorite

Kauai was great too less touristy
and if you have the money take the helecopter ride and go see the Wailua canyon and the Napali coast! and go down to PoiPu
and eat at PUKA DOG the best hotdogs in the world unlike any hot dog you have ever had- garlic sauce sweet bread and fruit relish AMAZING!!!!

and if you have the money go SKYDIVING either in Kauai or Oahu i went in Oahu and it was worth every penny! the video is on my myspace***

Oahu has some amazing beaches on the north shore if the waves are not big and of course Waikiki beach is amazing
they also have this thing called the Stairway to Heaven which is an old staircase that goes up the entire mountain that is closed off but apparently if you go like at 5am the guards arent there, its really dangerous but i really wanna do it"

So there's that stuff to keep in mind.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

***Jeff later told me that it's around $250 to go skydiving, and another $80 for the video. ouch. As per Jeff's comment, he has informed me that the skydiving part was $140, the video around $80 and a suggested gratuity of $25, to total about $250. Still "ouch", Jeff....Lol... But I still want to go!!

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  1. Hey thats me!!!!! hahahaha
    and guess where we were....... PUKA DOG!!!!! the best hotdogs ever!!!!
    in PoiPu on Kauai!

    im really interested to hear what the night life is like because we only ever could stay out late on maui and kauai but we never did on kauai because the locals didnt like the ship people and there were some fights.

    oh and skydiving isnt 250+80
    its about 140 then we paid extra for the dvd which was about 80ish and they recomend that you add on an extra 25 for gratuity for your instructor and the dvd people...... so its more like 250 total but totally worth it hahahaha
    just wanted you to have you numbers right.

    hope all is well