Friday, January 9, 2009


It's Friday, my 2 days after my flight to Hawaii, and I'm finally just getting around to writing my first blog from the islands! So, here's what I've been up to.

-got up at 3am, Dennis drove me to the Philadelphia Airport about 5am, plane left around 7am
-landed in Pheonix somewhere around 10am Pheonix time, had an hour layover and back onto another plane
-Landed at the Kona Airport around 3pm Hawaii time, which is 8pm PA time (5 hour time difference).

The airport is beautiful - and totally outdoors! To deplane, I walked down a long ramp from the plane to the ground, just like in the movies (i know that sounds so cheesy, but I was really surprised!), then walked through a gate and went to the baggaige claim which was totally open air with a roof. Here's a pic that I took through the gates:

Jeff picked me up from the airport, we went back to the apartment, had some dinner (Jeff made pasta all by himself!) and we watched Spiderwick - I fell asleep around 7pm (midnight PA time) before the movie ended.

Jeff worked in the morning until 2pm.
I woke up around 5 or 6am and watched the end of Spiderwick that I missed when I fell asleep the night before, then cleaned up and completely organized the kitchen for about 2 hours or so while drinking coffee and watching Kundun. Then put away some laundry, did yoga for about 20 minutes while listening to Wendy Rule and showered. Jeff got back we went grocery shopping at Costco and Safeway, and drove back to the apartment along Ali'i Drive by the ocean where a bunch of the shopping is - it's only about a mile away, but there's no sidewalk or anything to really walk there. Got back and Jeff actually made dinner again - pancakes and eggs, lol.

Here are some more pics of the guest room and bedroom as it was when I got here:

I've now re-arranged a few things (of course), but that's it.

This morning I got up and started working on my artist t-shirts for the clothing line that I'm starting, Lucky Day. Breakfast, a walk around the condo complex and Jeff was off to work again, and I went back to my t-shirt work. Now wrote this!

So, that's about how it's been! It's now 6:13 pm in Hawaii and about 77 degrees, the sun is just going down and it's beautiful.

I'm going to take another walk tomorrow and and I'll try to remember to take my camera this time - there are lots of beautiful flowers here!

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