Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kealakekua & Painted Church

Jeff worked a short day so I dropped him off and took the car for the day. I went down to Kealakekua Bay, at the Napo'opo'o Beach, and walked around a part of it:

Views around the bay.

Birdies w/ yellow beaks hanging out on the wall.

Lots of crabbies.

An interesting branch.

The Captain Cook Monument.

An insanely tall palm tree.

A sacred space, and a cool tree there.

One of the men working on making some type of boat.

Rocks that I thought where really cool.

Earth, Rocks & Ocean.

More trees and such.

A tree, unearthed. This spot had a very icky vibe.

The real "Littlest 'Opihi!" ... I have to buy that book...

At this portion of the Kealakekua Bay is the Puukohala Heiau. The Heaiu is roped off, so I couldn't walk around on it at all, but here are the pics:

The Heiau "front".

A close-up of the plaque.

The top of the Heiau (Panoramic composite).

At the Kealakekua Bay State Historic Park, on the grounds next to the Heiau:

The Captain Cook monument across the water.

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