Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hawaii Update


It looks as though we will probably only be here until February 7th or so. Which makes our visit to the island just over a month, rather than 3 months. It's somewhat disappointing since we had planned everything based on the full amount of time, including food and such that we had purchased while here. And because we've gotten a lot of back-and-forth from Jeff's agency trying to figure out what's going on and when we're leaving or if we're staying or going somewhere else.

However, I guess a month is more than most people get to spend in Hawaii, so I certainly can't complain. It's so beautiful here and there is still so much more I'd like to be able to do before we go - I made up a little rough itinerary on our calender to try to get as much of it done as we can. And I definitely don't want to go back to gray weather and snow in PA!

Ah well, I will enjoy it while it lasts!

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