Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Is Good.

This afternoon I took a walk around the complex where we are staying and took a bunch of photos of the complex, the amazing view, and the beautiful plants (even a spider!). I hope you enjoy these photos:

Lawae plant/fern

This and the photo above are Red Ti plants. Also known in Hawai'i as Red Ki.

Pink Hibiscus.

Awesome big spider!

Pink Spider Lily.

Yellow Hibiscus, the Hawai'i State Flower, and native to Hawai'i.

Another Yellow Hibiscus.

I believe these are Tahitian Gardenias.

The middle of our development.

These may be Red Ginger flowers.

I checked out a Hawaiian Flower website to try to identify some of the flowers. If you know what they are, feel free to pass that along!

This evening at sunset, I took a few more photos - here they are in panorama:

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