Sunday, January 11, 2009


No, not really. But today was Jeff's first day off of work, and it did rain pretty good this morning, with the palm trees whipping around and the sky all fogged up:

Now, before you start to feel too bad, or before you laugh and point your fingers and yell 'haha!' at the computer, here's where we where about 2 hours after it ended:

-and with perfect weather at that. We took a nice ride southward on Ali'i Drive and spent some time walking around Kahalu'u Beach. Unfortunately we just threw on clothes to go out for a drive, unsure of what the weather would be, so no we didn't get to go snorkeling or swimming - although we did agree on a new rule that whenever we go for a drive, we wear swimsuits just in case cause there is beach access all over the place.

At any rate, we pulled over by the beach because I wanted to see the Little Blue Church (St. Peter's), most photographed church in Hawaii, popular wedding site and postcard photo:

The church was padlocked on the front (and if you look at the link above, you can see that there is no writing on the front of the church anymore) so we couldn't go in, but I took a pic of the inside through the window where you can just see the bright blue tiny pues and engraved window that is on the back (beach side):

These pics where taken from the ancient Hawaiian heiau next to it (the first one by Jeff, obviously):

The church is on and next to the Kuemanu Heiau (read plaque below):

The Kuemanu Heiau:

The Heaiu altar:

More pics of the Heaiu and the ocean view:

Rocks & Plants:

Crabs & Mollusks:

From the road side looking from the beach to the Heaiu - I will have to figure out how to put these together to a panoramic picture I created a panorama of the pics to see the whole view:

At the Kahalu'u Bay Beach:

Creatures in the water - do you know what they are?:

A cove by the beach:

Driving up Kamehameha III we pulled over at a Scenic Overlook. The view Mauka (toward the mountain/inland side):

The view Makai (toward the ocean):

In the evening we walked back down Hualalai'i road towards Ali'i drive and went left in search of somewhere to eat. We decided on LuLu's - we shared Ahi Poke for our Pupu, ie appetizer (yum! - thanks for the tip, Jesse!). I had Mahi & Fries (fish n chips island style, so good) and Jeff had a tuna melt (tuna salad made with sundried tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, topped w/ melted jack cheese and avacado! I'm totally making this...) :

(1) Giant Elvis head (2) Signed Stairway going outside (3&4) Pufferfish Lanterns (5) Me in my new necklace from the day before (6) Jeff.

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