Thursday, January 22, 2009

Volcano National Park

On Wednesday we headed south to the Volcano National Park.

Photos on the way, driving South on Rt. 11:

Parked at a 'Scenic Point' we got out and checked out the remains of an old lava flow, i.e. lots of dirt everywhere.

People where selling things - knicknacks, jewelry, all kinds of things - along the partial wall.

A cute white and green church.

Hawaiian Cows!

At the Volcano National Park. We went on two hikes that day, the major one being the Kiluea Iki Caldera trail:

The sign posted outside the trail telling about the volcano.

I have to tell you that, of course, we did the trail backwards. Not that it particularly mattered.

This is the crator we walked down into and across the length of.

On the trail down.

Finally we made it to the bottom of the Crator! Woohoo! Now to walk a couple more miles...

Steam vent.

Piled Rocks.

Lava rock.


Jeff taking pics of the gigantic steam vent. I was a bit nervous of safety of course. He was later yelled at by his co-worker, CC, who watched the volcano erupt in the 1960s, for straying off the path, much less climbing on these things, not to mention dragging a lady along. Haha.

Here's your photo.

A couple asked us to take their picture. So they returned the favor.

Where the earth fell away:

Jeff, I will never believe "just as far as that tree...." again.

At the end of the trail.

Thurston Lava Tube, about a 1 mile loop. Unfortunately we did not have flashlights with us to continue through the dark portion, but what we did see was pretty cool.

The rain forest that the lava tube passes through

Jeff's photo of me taking a pic of the entrance.

My photo of the entrance.

Jeff's camera had a fluorescent setting which came out much better than my photos, and so the blue-toned photos are his. The walls where actually a more brown/orange/reddish tone rather than blue that you see.

Walking through the tube.

Cavern walls.

Watch out for the puddles!

Pointing out the foliage growing on the walls of the cavern by the lights.

More photos of the of the cavern.

A lovely older couple offered to take our photo in the cave. Mahalo!

Other Photos:

On the posting outside the Lava Tube - thought the smiling face spider was cool.

A Nene crossing sign! They're a type of goose apparently, but we didn't see one.

The drive home.

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