Saturday, January 17, 2009


On Saturday we took a road trip northward to Waimea.

The drive northward.

At mile marker 34 on 190 just outside of Kailua-Kona we took Kaloko Drive north for about 7 miles which took us approximately 5,000 feet up a winding road to a Cloud Forest. The top of this road had amazing views and we could see all up and down the entire Kona Coast:

There where a lot of cool plants and beautiful flowers on the top of the hill and all along the drive. And of course, I took a bunch of photos:

'Ohia Lehua - Tree and it's flower.

The Legend of this flower goes: Long ago there was a handsome Hawaiian chief naved Ohia who was in love with a beautiful Hawaiian native, Lehua, and they made a vow to love one another forever. One day, the goddess of the volcanos, Pele, saw Ohia and wanted him for herself and came to him as a lovely woman. Ohia denied Pele and told her of his love for Lehua. Pele, in her jealousy, then turned Ohia into a twisted tree with gray leaves so that no woman could have him. Lehua saw what had been done and pleaded with Pele to change him back. Pele refused and left Lehua crying at the base of the tree. The gods, hearing her cries of love, took pity on her. The gods could not reverse Pele's powerful spell, so they changed Lehua into a beautiful flower on the Ohi'a tree so that they could be forever united. To this day, according to legend, if you pick a Lehua blossom it will rain because you are separating the lovers.

On to more photos:

Blue Hydrengea.

Bird of Paradise.

Ferns & Leaves.

some type of hanging orange lilies, i suppose.

On to more driving:

the mountian in the distance.

Lava fields.

Jello Mold.

another mountain.

military helecopters.

and still more driving.

and another mountain.

Here's the exciting part - we got to Waimea and ya know what was there? Nothin. Well, okay, not nothing, there where a few stores (one at which I bought 2 dresses and 3 tops for $40 that I'll wear while here, and back home) and a bunch of closed restaurants. That was it.

So, frustrated that we couldn't find somewhere to eat, we headed home via Rt. 19/11:

it looked like we where about to drive into the ocean.

We went to Jackie Rae's Ohana Grill for dinner which was awsome. We split the Ahi/Sashimi appetizer, then we both got the same thing - the Seafood trio - for dinner, which was grilled shrimp on top of a crab cake on top of a mahimahi fillet on top of mashed purple sweet potatoe. I had my first real MaiTai and Jeff had a Pipeline Porter, both good.

Then we drove to the parking lot at Hualalai and Ali'i then went to the beach that's right down from Bubba Gump Shimp and watched the waves crashing for a bit:

And decided to go have drinks at the highly recommended On The Rocks. The whole time we where there there was music playing, the first group playing a mix of mostly classic rock anda little bit of everything else:

It was fantastic - my only complaint is that they where out of coconut shells to put one of the drinks into, so I got a different drink - a Hawaiian Rainbow - instead.

Then a hula dancer joined the band for a few songs:

And then there was a Salsa band and people got up and danced - I wanna learn too!

Some more photos:

an amazing mullet that i had to take a picture of


Look, Wes! I made it!!!

At the end of the night we got our photo taken outside. you wouldn't know it, but these 2 shots took like 12 tries because the guy couldn't use the camera right and then we turned off the flash and it was blurry.... but anyway, it was a GREAT time. I would recommend this place to everyone to go to, and hope that we make it back before we have to leave the island!

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