Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wandering to the Coast

Today I decided to take the dirt path behind our building towards the coast and see where it got me...

I passed through a lot of land, then a housing development:

And then through the Global Outreach Center and the University of the Nations:

red and orange/peach hibiscus

note the interesting roots/trunk of these trees.

This is where I came out to the Highway:

And then had to walk down the highway:


Instead of walking down the highway further, I decided to turn down another dirt path to see where that went. When walking down here, I picked up a few pieces of large broken shells, and passed by an old homeless man in his make-shift home - a blue tarp draped over some sticks as a tent with blankets and mattress under it and a few things sitting around it, off to the side of the road. Hawai'i is extremely beautiful, but tourism has driven prices so high in much of the state, that many native Hawaiians cannot afford rent even with comparatively decent salaries, and are homeless. But, back down the road...

This is where all my trails lead me, right out onto Ali'i Drive at the Acai Juice Bar, next to On The Rocks - I made it!:

I walked North on Ali'i Drive for just a bit:

I found this tree to be completely amazing - the entire inland side of the tree with green flowers, the ground grassy with a lush bush about it; the pacific side of the tree completely bare with all lava/ocean rocks piled about it. A most beautiful example of the duality of nature existing together.

I bought a juice at the ABC Store, and then a beautiful ring from a shop that I will write about later - promise!

I then walked southward on Ali'i. Just outside of On The Rocks, was a man painting gorgeous pieces of art. I spoke with him, Woody, for a bit. Here is a photo that I took of one of his paintings. Note that the gecko on the upper left-hand corner of the painting is real - he was crawling on the painting!

Continuing on my walk South on Ali'i Drive by the Royal Kona Resort:

in the outdoor lobby - i thought the ceiling lights were really cool.

Don't laugh too hard, but this is actually the flooring in the bathroom. It was some kind of stone or concrete painted too I suspect (it was very difficult to tell) and looked just like the ocean water.

I then walked down to the water and along the rocks and beach, checking out the crabs and mollusks, and collecting seashells:

These tiny tiny sea shells actually still have little animals in them and where clinging to the rocks - obviously I left them be, but it was so cool to see so many of them, and watching them move around!

Mr. Crab, chillin on a rock. I nearly walked right by him.

I then walked back to Ali'i and Northward, and ate dinner at a restaurant by the beach - I had fried calamari strips and a Pork Slider in Hawaiian sweet roll. Taisty. Then, for the long walk back home before it got too dark:

The road home.

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