Saturday, February 28, 2009

My very own fishing pole!

When I was at the beading place the day before, I found out that I have surpassed the wire wrapping class that I was planning on taking - I asked what it covers and the woman who teaches the class said 'oh, i teach how to do a loop and coil. like in your earrings'. Since I made the earrings that I was wearing, lol, I apparently didn't need to take that one!

So Jeff and I had some errands to run - drop off recycling, pick up more popsicles - and we stopped at Walmart so he could get me a present he had planned to get while I was at the bead shop for the calss. I had no idea what it was until we got all the way back to the fishing section and I go to pick out my very own, first ever fishing pole! Jeff got one too of course, and all the doodads that we needed to go with it to go fishing on our own.

Back at the apartment, Jeff putting together the poles and showing me how to do it:

So now we can go fishing tomorrow, and I can go whenever I have the car and Jeff is working so that I don't have to sit at home bored. Now, just to figure out who's going to gut them and we'll be good.... Lol.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Birdies

I walked around Ali'i and got some more beads to work with to make a custom order, then walked around some of the beack & rocks, picking up some cool shells and beachglass. Here are some birds that where chillin' there:

This is the view of the street from where I was on the rocks.

And here is the necklace that I made that evening:

It is the 'Window To My Heart Necklace', there are matching earrings. I made this one specifically for an old high-school classmate, Shayle, who ordered it to go with the earrings.

It is delicate sterling silver wire with Czech glass beads of little clear-enveloped white hearts and clear and white beads. The length is princess, and adjustable 2.5" extension. This is available now by custom order only, for anyone interested.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Computer Geek

Jeff's working 4 and 5 days in a row each week lately. I've been making jewelry most days - thats posted on . That's the reason for the length of time between posts. Our hot water has been off for a week, it's being fixed now - hopefully for real this time. Bout it. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Today was the first day that I've ever been fishing and it was so much fun! Jeff's co-worker CC and his wife took us and another coworker, Simon (from Oahu, but filling in with them in Kona) to Kuki'o Beach again to fish for the whole day. We caught 8 fish in all - I caught 2, Jeff caught 2 but threw back one to grow up some more. It was a really great day!

Hualalai Mountain on the way to Kuki'o

Andre the Honu.

The first fish that bit on my line broke the line below the bobber and took the whole hook and got away. The second fish that bit my line I nearly had but finally the fish went under a rock/cave and broke the line too, but above the bobber so we could still see the orange ball floating in the water. Jeff went in to retrieve the bobber, but when he got close to it to grab it the fish jerked back farther in the hole and took the bobber with him!

Simon with his first fish, and the fist catch of the day:

CC talking with Simon:

CC goes into the water w/ Jeff to investigate and get his bobber back. They discover that the cave/hole is really a tunnel and noone is reaching in there w/ the chance of eels and who knows what else swiming in the tunnel!:

Simon's first fish and the fist catch:

The fish where just so beautiful! I loved the pink/purple on this fish with his green whiskers!

Simon's Second Catch, a rockfish We caught about 6 of these but threw 2 back because they where too small.:

Jeff with the fish he threw back:

Jeff with his 2nd catch; the final and biggest catch of the day:

CC & Jeff w/ his fish

CC & his wife, Linda, packing up to go home.

Jeff and I went to Simon's place after fishing and Simon cleaned and cooked all of the fish and we had a fantastic dinner of our catches of the day!

Fishie kisses with my 2nd catch. This guy attacked me when he came out of the water and cut my toe - but I won in the end because i ate him steamed and he was delicious!

My fist fish catch ever - I was so excited! Swim fishie!

Simon cleaning the fish - Thanks, Simon! They where so good!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wire Working - Day 1

Today I went to Pikake Beads (Bead & Jewelry Shop on Ali'i Drive) and talked with one of the sales staff there about starting to do wire wrapped jewelry- something that I've thought about doing on and off for a while, and while I have not much else to keep me busy here, I figured that I'd take it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.

I bought a pair of round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, snips and nilon pliers, as well as a bunch of beads to begin working with, and 10 feet of 24 gage sterling silver wire.

So this is my first day of wire working/jewelry making ever, and I began with earrings. Here are the pictures of what I made today - I didn't buy the hooks yet, so when I get them on here tomorrow I'll update these photos so you can see the pieces a little better. At any rate, here's day one of jewelry working!

Aqua square stones with spiraled headpins.

Aqua fish dangles with aqua flowers and white beads.

Lavender/Blue spiraled discs with L/B beads and spiraled headpins.

Goldfishes (Front) this side is an irridescent white, and there is an irridescent white bead at the top.

Goldfishes (Back) - the reverse of the same pair of earrings - i like that they look like swedish fish.

Agate Lotus-carved beads with spiraled headpins (I made a pair of these in each Rose and Green).

Teal square stones with spiral tops.

Czech purple glass beads painted with blue spirals, spiraled headpins.

Malachite stones on spiraled headpins.

Thank you for looking at my new projects, and I'd love feedback (especially if you'd be interested in buying any!).


Monday, February 16, 2009

Maui Gold

Maui Gold pineapple from the other day:

Whole Pineapple.

My first time cutting up a whole pineapple - beginning to cut off the skin, following the 'eyes' as a guide.

All peeled cylinder of pineapple - yummo!

Chopped into rings, spears and chunks.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Liberty Dialysis in Kona

The dialysis company that Jeff has been working for will be relocating to a brand new facility in the Keauhou (Key-O-Hoo) Shopping Center. We went in the morning for Jeff to go to the building orientation - originally planned to be one hour with a brunch out afterwords, but became 3 hours w/o food, so I wandered around the few shops there and took these pics of the outside of the clinic while he learned how to wash his hands and deal with the new (outdated) equipment along with everyone else:

Entrance along the strip.

Faux etching on the entrance doors, very cool.

Etching on the windows to help prevent people peeking into windows. Completely stops the ability of those who are 5 feet or less from seeing in...

A gecko chillin' on the wall.

The view of the beach from the shopping center:

This is most of the strip of the shopping center where the dialysis clinic is located - it took 4 pictures for me to get it all! If you open it up, however, you can see the amazing view of the hillside behind the shopping center - it is a beautiful view, like all the rest!

Even the public telephone booths are tropically festive!