Monday, February 23, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Today was the first day that I've ever been fishing and it was so much fun! Jeff's co-worker CC and his wife took us and another coworker, Simon (from Oahu, but filling in with them in Kona) to Kuki'o Beach again to fish for the whole day. We caught 8 fish in all - I caught 2, Jeff caught 2 but threw back one to grow up some more. It was a really great day!

Hualalai Mountain on the way to Kuki'o

Andre the Honu.

The first fish that bit on my line broke the line below the bobber and took the whole hook and got away. The second fish that bit my line I nearly had but finally the fish went under a rock/cave and broke the line too, but above the bobber so we could still see the orange ball floating in the water. Jeff went in to retrieve the bobber, but when he got close to it to grab it the fish jerked back farther in the hole and took the bobber with him!

Simon with his first fish, and the fist catch of the day:

CC talking with Simon:

CC goes into the water w/ Jeff to investigate and get his bobber back. They discover that the cave/hole is really a tunnel and noone is reaching in there w/ the chance of eels and who knows what else swiming in the tunnel!:

Simon's first fish and the fist catch:

The fish where just so beautiful! I loved the pink/purple on this fish with his green whiskers!

Simon's Second Catch, a rockfish We caught about 6 of these but threw 2 back because they where too small.:

Jeff with the fish he threw back:

Jeff with his 2nd catch; the final and biggest catch of the day:

CC & Jeff w/ his fish

CC & his wife, Linda, packing up to go home.

Jeff and I went to Simon's place after fishing and Simon cleaned and cooked all of the fish and we had a fantastic dinner of our catches of the day!

Fishie kisses with my 2nd catch. This guy attacked me when he came out of the water and cut my toe - but I won in the end because i ate him steamed and he was delicious!

My fist fish catch ever - I was so excited! Swim fishie!

Simon cleaning the fish - Thanks, Simon! They where so good!

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