Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kuki'o Beach

Went to Kuki'o Beach for the first day of our 3 day Valentines Weekend.

This was a really beautiful beach with a lagoon to swim in, rocks to climb on, crassy areas, and long white beach with turtles everywhere. It has practically everything!

The panorama from the entrance, the lagoon, and a sandy bit.

Panorama w/ jeff reading in the middle, grassy area center in the background.

Panorama of the area behind where we where laying.

'Iki 'Iki - Sacred area

Birdies - little brown ones and the black/white/red one.

Beautiful rocks and trees.

Little girl playing on the rocks, looking for honu.

The grassy bit.

Tree bits washed up on the rocks - look like dinosaurs!


Jeff talking with Simon.

The grounds all around the area are sacred Hawai'ian grounds and not to be disturbed.

Cool washed up and bleached log.

The pathway to the longer sandy strip.


Carlos sleeping.


Jeff walking along the beach w/ the turtles.

Larry, Moe, Curly & Shemp.


Larry, Moe & Curly.

Ta-Dah! It's Hawaii!!!

Checking out the rocks.

Birdie feet-prints!


In the next few pictures yo
u can see Mauna Kea in the background with snow on the peak:

The most beautiful view of the amazing-ness of the island - huge twisty trees, grass, lava rocks, sandy beach, crystal blue waters, palm trees and mauna kea volcano topped with snow. Absolutely everything.

Maui as seen from Kuki'o - beyond the ocean you can see a line of clouds and faint sloap that looks like a mountain - it is our neighbor island of Maui.

A completely beautiful day with perfect weather and everything you could possibly want on this beautiful island!

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