Sunday, February 15, 2009

Liberty Dialysis in Kona

The dialysis company that Jeff has been working for will be relocating to a brand new facility in the Keauhou (Key-O-Hoo) Shopping Center. We went in the morning for Jeff to go to the building orientation - originally planned to be one hour with a brunch out afterwords, but became 3 hours w/o food, so I wandered around the few shops there and took these pics of the outside of the clinic while he learned how to wash his hands and deal with the new (outdated) equipment along with everyone else:

Entrance along the strip.

Faux etching on the entrance doors, very cool.

Etching on the windows to help prevent people peeking into windows. Completely stops the ability of those who are 5 feet or less from seeing in...

A gecko chillin' on the wall.

The view of the beach from the shopping center:

This is most of the strip of the shopping center where the dialysis clinic is located - it took 4 pictures for me to get it all! If you open it up, however, you can see the amazing view of the hillside behind the shopping center - it is a beautiful view, like all the rest!

Even the public telephone booths are tropically festive!

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