Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

On Superbowl-Sunday we went to a BBQ at Jeff's co-worker CC's house.

We picked up one of Jeff's co-workers, Jason, and headed south to CC's.
Once there, I rolled and then deep-fried a bunch of won-tons.
Jeff and Jason then grilled the beef kabobs, brats and marinated pork chops that we brought, and CC grilled up some teriyaki beef and steaks.
Patty, another one of their co-workers, brought some couscous pilaf (corn and black beans in it).

CC lives in the middle of a coffee plantation, so we took a bit of a walk around the property to check out the coffee trees. CC also has avocado trees, guava trees, nasturtiums and all kinds of other stuff.

We had a great watching the superbowl and hanging out together.

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