Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wire Working - Day 1

Today I went to Pikake Beads (Bead & Jewelry Shop on Ali'i Drive) and talked with one of the sales staff there about starting to do wire wrapped jewelry- something that I've thought about doing on and off for a while, and while I have not much else to keep me busy here, I figured that I'd take it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.

I bought a pair of round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, snips and nilon pliers, as well as a bunch of beads to begin working with, and 10 feet of 24 gage sterling silver wire.

So this is my first day of wire working/jewelry making ever, and I began with earrings. Here are the pictures of what I made today - I didn't buy the hooks yet, so when I get them on here tomorrow I'll update these photos so you can see the pieces a little better. At any rate, here's day one of jewelry working!

Aqua square stones with spiraled headpins.

Aqua fish dangles with aqua flowers and white beads.

Lavender/Blue spiraled discs with L/B beads and spiraled headpins.

Goldfishes (Front) this side is an irridescent white, and there is an irridescent white bead at the top.

Goldfishes (Back) - the reverse of the same pair of earrings - i like that they look like swedish fish.

Agate Lotus-carved beads with spiraled headpins (I made a pair of these in each Rose and Green).

Teal square stones with spiral tops.

Czech purple glass beads painted with blue spirals, spiraled headpins.

Malachite stones on spiraled headpins.

Thank you for looking at my new projects, and I'd love feedback (especially if you'd be interested in buying any!).


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