Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine on the Rocks

Last night, actually after midnight when it turned Valentines day, Jeff and I exchanged gifts. I'll post about those later. That day we went to Kona International Market and did a bit of gift shopping, then to Ali'i Gardens to stop in at Vanessa and her boyfriends new location of their jewelry shop, then to Kona Inn Shopps to finish up with the gifts Jeff is sending home to his friends and family.

For dinner we went to On The Rocks - Jeff had the Sashimi Pupu and the bacon chedder burger, I had the Poke (one of my favorite 2 places for this so far) and a salad w/ island greens, cucumbers and tomatoes. All was really good. Since we got there early (4:30?) we got a great seat at one of the tables on the sand, so decided to stay for the evening and watch the sunset and enjoy the music.

Honu Bill (left) and George (Right).

Jeff w/ his new Jade hook (happy valentines day!)

Jeff, Pimpin.



Teeny-tiny crabbies


Beautiful View:

Lilikoi Pina Colada.

Look! It's a tiny crab!

Nice to meet you Mr. Crab!

Just another perfect Sunset here in Hawai'i:


We had a really lovely evening, and quite a few fruity (and minty) cocktails with umbrellas and pineapples in them. Jeff got me a lei too, which I'll also have to post a picture of later. It was really the perfect valentines day!

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