Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be My Valentine

This is the pendent that Jeff got for me for Valentines day. We had seen it at Ali'i Gardens Marketplace a few weeks before and he sneak-purchased it for me.

The peach stone in the center is called Imperial Quartz or Pele's Fire because the chemicals released when the lava flows into the sea cause the color of this unique stone. It can only be created on a volcanic island and is uniqe to Hawaii. This kind of quartz unifies the energies of the heart and the solar plexus chakras, linking the energy of will and love. This linking has the effect of granting you dominion over your life, and can help align you path to that of the highest and greatest good, as well as helping to align one with the appropriate use of will in the creation process. The green stone is Peridot, or Olivine, that forms naturally on the Hawaiian islands and has a strong connection to the Big Island. Gold has the power of assertiveness and proactivity allowing one to do what it takes to accomplish goals. The combination of these elements suggests that with a flash each moment is gone and a new day, a new moment, a new creation is just over the horizon, and to live, and love in life to the fullest. The piece is designed and hand created on the Big Island in Hawaii.

Since comming here, I had wanted to get Jeff a hook pendent and after looking at a few and discussing them generally over the past few weeks, I found this one that seemed just right:

The fish hook symol, called a Makau in Hawai'i, is a symbol of strength & prosperity based on the history and legends of the anciant Polynesian culture because he fishhook was an invaluable tool for providing food to sustain the ohana (family). Curved into waves this pendent is also a token for good luck and safe travels, especially across water - appropriate since it seems as though we will be traveling for a while. Jade itself has strong associasions to attracting love, strengthening mental faculties and reasoning, and protection against accidents and misfortune. It vibrates to the Heart chakra, helping aleviate any anxieties or fear, and solidify self-assurance and self-realization.

I have yet to get a gold chain for my pendent to be able to wear it - i didn't have any in gold to switch out - but Jeff has worn is Makau whenever he's not at work, a second one in his car (that's a whole other story!).

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