Saturday, March 21, 2009

Puff Up! Puff Up!

Jeff and I went fishing - I caught the first fish

This is called a "papio" in Hawaii, or more specifically, a blue-fin trevally.

Then I caught this really weird big fish:

Holding the fish up, it looked really weird and like it's belly was all distended funny - like a potbelly. Jeff took it and was trying to remove the hook when all of the sudden it puffed up! It startled the heck out of both of us, but then we laughed realizing that I caught a pufferfish. It was tricky to get the hook out of his mouth - he would puff up really big then when Jeff almost had the hook out, it would deflait so it was difficult to get a grip on it. Finally he got it out and we threw it back. It bounced once in the water like a beachball, and then deflaited and swam away.

We then caught 2 more of them and threw them back, giving up for the day.

Some "Colobocentrotus Atratus" a/k/a Shigle Urchin, Helmet Urchin:

Accidental picture of my feet.

Rock-boring Urchins, and little fish swimming around them:

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