Monday, March 9, 2009

South Point Fishing

On Sunday we went fishing at South Point, the southern-most point of the United States. Jeff and I met up w/ Simon & CC at his house, about halfway from our place to Southpoint, had some coffee and where on the road for another hour to get there.

We saw the famous zebra and donkey together on our way.

At the Cliffs at South Point:

This is for lowering things into boats in the water way below the cliffs.

Jeff & CC checking out the water far below us.

Me, at the cliffs.

The edge of the cliffs

Beautiful Aqua Teal water below.

It was really overcast and foggy and drizzling on and off all day. Here is the hazy view of the cliff face looking northward/west

And looking southward/east.

It is so windy in this region that the trees all slant sideways.

More sideways trees and the cliff face as we drove to the fishing spot.

At the fishing spot, faces carved into the rocks.

Another foggy view of the cliff face before us.

And another...

Finally, we got to fishing. We only caught 2 edible sized fish that day - I caught the largest of them and CC caught the other one, both the same kind. I also took pics of some that we threw back so that you could see how pretty they are.

A type of triggerfish with black and turqoise colored scails that where spotty and almost looked like leather skin. It didn't finish eating it's shrimp bait.

CC, Jeff & Simon fishing.

This is one that I caught. It's another type of triggerfish called a Pink Tail Triggerfish. It was much more colorful in person than in my photo.

This is CCs fish, mine was the same kind a bit larger. He was a really pretty light blue and silver color with a tiny bit of yellow on his belly. He was also pretty taisty... I'm not sure what kind it was though.

CC fishing, divers in the background going into the water to fish and take photos.

The cliffs as it starts to clear up. We saw a Pilot Whale out here too but I didn't get a photo of it.


Water crashing into the rocks.

Jeff putting on bait.

Simon & Jeff fishing off a cliff.

Some other divers went fishing underwater and came back with a bunch of really cool fish. Here are their pics:

It's hard to see, but the biggest fish on this guy is the Parrotfish and it was a gorgeous aqua and yellow with a white/silver body. It was really beautiful and huge, and I'm told is excellent eating.

Gross, but this is a fish skeleton that we saw that was huge, as you can see in comparison to the beer bottle next to it. Simon said that some people catch these fish and gut them right there and these people apparently only cut off the fillet and left everything else right there on the rocks. Not nice.

A rainy drive home (and the sideways growing trees).

We went back to CCs for dinner. He barbequed Teriyaki Tip Steak, Simon steamed our catches of the day and CCs wife made up a salad w/ fresh avocado off of their trees. We also had rotisserie chicken and white rice. Apparently it's a Philipino thing to not have just one meat in a meal and to have lots of food options. All of which were deliscious, including the hot tea and raspberry cheesecake for dessert!

It was a cold, wet day, and not the most successful fishing expedition, but it was a really good day with good company and good food - definitely worth braving the weather!

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