Friday, April 24, 2009

No Goatee

This morning while trimming his goatee, Jeff made a little boo-boo, so it had to all come off. While this isn't a first for him, I haven't seen Jeff without his goatee in 10 years - since he was 18 and first grew it. So I had to take a picture before he went off to work.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Camping @ the Fishing Village

more captions and stories coming soon.

** if you have a problem with catching, cutting and eating fish, you may want to skip this post.


Willie caught 3 squid spearfishing off the rocks

Walking along the rocks to do some fishing:

I went fishing w/ CC - that's Jeff snorkeling in the water, trying to spear some fish with his Hawaiian Sling:

Scuba Jeff:

CC's sister and her husband make Poke with the cooked squid:

Simon joined us later on to hang out, fish and have dinner before he has to take his flight back home to Oahu:

Other people from the village hanging out:

Humpback whales off of the coast:

(above) a splash

(above) the dorsal fin

(above) head out of the water

(above) 2 whales are next to each other

(above) whale jumping out of the water with his fin up

(above) dorsal fin again

(above) jumping out of the water again

(above) whale tale

Willie and his wife take CC, Jeff and I out on the boat to go trolling for Ahi, Ono or whatever we happen to catch so that we can have some fish to cook up for dinner:

Jeff gets a bite and starts cranking in the line, fighting with the fish, for about 10 minutes:

Willie takes over for the last 20 feet or so to get the fish into the boat:

(above) in this one you can see the fish's mouth open!

To get the fish into the boat, Willie had to hook it with a gaff hook and hit it with a small aluminum bat to kill it quickly - these fish have spines down the back and if it flipped on the boat it could really slice you up:

Finally on board - it's an Ono! Ono are the best eating white fish there are!

Some view of the coast from the boat

Bringing the boat back in:

The Ono:

Jeff with his catch. Here you can see just how big it is - it's about a 50 lb fish that would sell right now for about $8-10/lb. But we're going to eat it.

Willie fillets the fish on the rocks with CC's help, and throws the guts and bones into the water for the eels to eat - circle of life....

The ono is pretty much all meat, with only a smallish head and bones down the center, unlike our leather-jackets we caught before that where only about 1/2 meat and 1/2 head bone/innards.

Our camp set-up. Jeff and I set up the two tents (one for us and one for Sister, her husband and their children.) Willie brought over an easy-up for over the two picnic tables, and we had 2 grills right off the ocean - sweet!

CC and simon at the barbecue. They cooked up steak, ribs, pork and Ono to add to the chicken, rice and turkeytail that CC brought with him - there was so much food!

After dinner around 9:30, Willie's stepson, Cody, came over to go night diving with jeff so they could go spear fishing in the dark.

*will insert story here*

Jeff coming back with the 2 goats.

Some of Cody's underwater catch - a claw-less lobster and a 7/11 crab.

Cody and his wife:


Out on the boat about 8:30am with Willie to show jeff how to fish with a hand-line. I'm too little for this cause if i tried to pull a 50 lb+ fighting fish into the boat it'd probably win and I'd be in the water. So i took photos and enjoyed the breeze and water on the boat!

Willie chopping up the chum fish and wrapping it around a rock just so:

Showing Jeff how to do the fish for his bag-drop - a different way to do bait the handline:

Jeff waiting for a bite:

Gorgeous view and sun glistening off the water. The water was a deep deep blue and completely clear - I could see the plastic back from jeff's handline go about 1.5 fathoms down in the water before it finally disappeared into the deapths.

Lines are in the boat, and that's a good thing as we pass by a group of Hammerhead sharks not far from the boat. Maybe 20 or so feet at closest.

More Coastline:

With no catches after 2 hours we return to the dock. Apparently the other fishermen weren't having a whole lot of luck at that time either. No worries.

At the doc, a very large honu desides to hang out around the boat for about 15 minutes while the truck gets down to us and the boat put on.

Back at camp, CC has caught a few fish. He saved them in water to show us since they are different from any other fish we've caught, and then thew them back in the ocean.

Packed up and getting ready to go, Jeff snaps some pics:

(i was saying i felt silly just standing here for a picture)

(jeff said so act like a chicken, and i did, as you can see)

Yet another church for the church collection - they're so cute out here!