Friday, April 17, 2009

Golfing w/ CC

CC took Jeff and I to the putting green down the street to learn how to golf - without windmills!

CC showing Jeff how to address the ball, swing, and drive the ball:

My turn:

CC hitting a few:

Jeff using different clubs:

After a lunch break, we learn how to get the ball out of the sand.

We had to get 2 in a row to move on, lol. I got my first one, then took a couple tries to get the second:

Jeff getting the ball to jump and go into/towards the hole:

CC getting the ball to lift over the hill:

Jeff giving it a go:

Onto some putting:

And that was it for the day! We'll have to practice again at some point, and CC wants to take Jeff golfing at Punalu'u one day at least before going back to the mainland. I had fun and will go practice again but when they go golfing I'll probably just go hang out at the black sand beach with the honu down the road.

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