Monday, June 29, 2009


Some of the Cast & Crew of Les Miserables went to the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game. A fun game and a fun time (which included waterfighting bumperboats at the park - no joke!). Hopefully I can steal some more pics from from some other people who where snapping the evening away:

The first baseball game I've been to in 10 years, and the first time I've been at the Barnstormers stadium. So Fun! (oh, did i mention they have a carousel and rides there too?!)



Mark, Me & Julie. (mike)

Omar & Chad getting into the game.

The next few pics were all taken by Mark:






John & Paula


Chad, Will & Omar





SUNSET (back to my pics again - mostly):

Danny & Jessica watching the game.

Beautiful sun setting above the stadium.

Mark taking pictures, Dan on the right. Danny, Will & Heather in the background.

Mike P.'s pic of me taking the above photo!

Anne talking w/ Chad.

Omar & Mike watching the game.

Jessica smiling for the camera.


Kids Madison and Julia.

more sunset baseball.

We all stood on top of the dugout and sang together - what fun!

Thanks for taking pics, Andy!


Heather & Dave.

In line for super-soaking bumper-boats. (mike)

The game was tied, and kept on going.

4+ hours of baseball.

Thanks Mark & Mike for letting me steal some of your pics to add here!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

History of Les Miserables

A.J. is one of the interns here at the Fulton, and did an amazing display in the lobby recording the history of Les Miserables from novel to today's performance at the Fulton including a collection of memorabelia from a various productions all over the world, including the original Broadway production.

A.J. with his display.

Looking into the left side of the Memorabilia Case.

Middle of the case.

Looking into the right side of the case.

Another costume from the show.

A close-up photo

Look at the large images to read the info.

A first-edition printing of the first book of Les Miserables.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shupp's Grove

This friday was the only one that Shupp's Grove Flea Market was going to be open, at least until after my August vacation. So, I took the morning and went up there - this is my favorite flea market. I've been here a few times and it's always hit or miss as with any flea market.

But the things this flea market has that tops so many others are:
(1) the variety of merchandise - everything from antique furniture, flowers, vintage clothes, vintage and handmade jewelry, gemstones, paintings, and so much more.
(2) special days that focus on Paintings or Clothing & Jewelry or whatever topic - check their schedule so you can go on a day that is most likely to have more of what you're looking for.
(3) this flea market is in the woods - not a parking lot or hot building - so it's a great way to walk around in the outdoors and shade while you shop.

One of the isles at Shupps.

More stands.

Looking towards the flower and plant stand.

Side road of antiques.

a cool chair made out of an old spinning wheel.

I only spent $4.50 this trip:
$1.00 - coffee
$1.00 - vintage rhinestone dangle earrings
$0.50 - vintage necklace to deconstruct
$2.00 - peanut butter ripple icecream cone
but it was such a fantastic day to walk around.