Monday, June 22, 2009

Picnic with the Board

One of the board members of the Fulton threw the cast and crew a picnic at their house in Millersville area. Here are my pics from the day (and possibly some pics i stole from other people!):

Damon & Brian, chillin on the deck.

A riveting game of frisbee. Steph-Jo, Omar, Liz & Dave.

Dan, Damon, Mike & Will.

Heather, Dave, Will, ?, Steph-Jo, Omar, AJ, Liz, Damon, ?, ?.

Will, Damon, Mike & AJ.

Me & Brian M.

A.J., Will & Mike.

Damon & Daniella in the cabana.

Will & Daniella.

Sneak attack photo of Dave & Omar.

Picture of a picture being taken - Mike & Heather.

Me & Mike P.

We were trying to take a pic w/o smiling. I think we took 6 till mike could do it!

Dave, shortly after thowing Omar's clothes in the pool (sans phone!).

Pool Time!

A.J. & I, cheezin it up

Pool & Hottub.

Everybody In!

And two videos of the amazing Frisbee game, impromptu commentary from the peanut gallery. Otherwise known as Kristin, Christen & Brittany. Enjoy.

7.07 - more pics added from Christen - Thanks!!

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