Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buggy Rides in Amish Country

The cast of Les Mis was going to go on a buggy ride. Due to an abundance of fun the evening before, pretty much everyone bailed. Which left the buggy ride experience up to me, Christen & Mark. And yet, we somehow managed to have fun enough for everyone!

My camera died after the first 2 or 3 pics that I took, so all of these are stolen from either Mark or Christen. Thanks!

Horse and buggy.

Looking into the covered bridge

Waiting for our turn to ride

Showing off our buggy stickers

During the buggy ride:

Group Photo!

Next, on to the petting zoo. Or rather more accurately, 3 small horses in a pen...petting zoo...

Finally, we were leaving and stopped because I saw a rooster running around. Immediately we all got out of the car to check it out since we were deprived of non-horses in the petting zoo...

but first, another horse.

Okay, so this is the attack rooster. It chased me all around this equipment trying to attack me. No, really! Christen suggested that it was chasing after the color gold in my skirt, which is why my skirt is pulled up in the pics.

And of course as soon as I did that, he acted all boring and normal and posed for the camera.

P.S. This chicken is in one of the Happy Hour Guys episodes - I think the one taken at Dipco.

Mean chicken.
But it was fun.

I later drew a picture of us at the petting zoo, with the chicken attacking me, and animal crackers in the petting pen. It was funny too.

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