Saturday, July 18, 2009

"I'm Going To Get Fired! From Alaska!" -OR- An Ode to Dave

Okay, this was the night before the last day of Les Miserables. Of course, the entire week we has been going out every night to spend time together as much as we could before the end of the run.

Now, on this particular night, Mark decided to pay back Dave for having him do a few shots the night before. Dave, however, vowed that he would not buy a single shot this night, and he would only do shots if someone else did it with him. Of course, that meant game on for Mark, who then got a number of the cast members to buy and do shots with Dave in turn. The final number - I think - was 7 shots. And Dave felt the love from the cast.

Now, a pictorial of the hilarity that ensued, along with some video.

Chet kicked off the run of shots...

And Will...

Spiotta joins in...

WATCH THE MOVIE: "I'm Going to Die!"

Please Note: Dave did not die.

No, Dave, we're not laughing at you - we're laughing WITH you! I swear!

And Bob...

See how Chad is sitting at the bar, looking all innocent?

Don't let him fool you!

THE MOVIE: " We Love You Dave!"

So many ways to show some luv....

... And not to worry. Dave was okay, made it home safely, and to work the next day.

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