Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twin Brook Winery

A few of us at Les Mis went on a little field trip the the Twin Brook Winery. Below are my photos, along with Mark & Christen's, and a video of the episode of The Happy Hour Guys with us all in it!



Inside, we all did a wine tasting:

Outside we sat on a blanket together and enjoyed the band that was playing. Some of us even danced.

Heather & Dave.





Dave filming Mark for an episode of The Happy Hour Guys:

There was a lot of dancing going on, and we ended up joining in. We even made a new friend, Carmen, who you will see in a bunch of the pictures below.

Mark waiving hello.

Chatting w/ Mark

Walking around the Vineyard:

The back of the beautiful house on the vineyard property.

The back of the winery building.

Dave & I walking in the vinyard.

Roses in the vinyard.

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