Monday, September 28, 2009

New Style Blog

In addition to my travel blog here, I also have a fashion blog!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

WI Travel Books

In preparation to our Wisconsin trip, I figured I'd look up travel books. Here are the few that looked particularly good or interesting on, though I haven't looked through any of them in person. If you have any recommendations on any of them, please leave a comment and let me know! Thank you!

1 - Wisconsin's Outdoor Treasures: A Guide to 150 Natural Destinations (Trails Books Guide) by Tim Bewer
2 - Madison Walks by Harriet Brown
3 - Backroads & Byways of Wisconsin: Drives, Day...

1 - Moon Wisconsin (Moon Handbooks)
2 - Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path, 9th (Off the Beate...
3 - Insiders' Guide to Madison, WI, 3rd

1 -60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Madison...
2 - Oddball Wisconsin: A Guide to Some Really Strang...
3 - Madison: The Guide

Madison, WI

Yesterday, while spending the day in Philadelphia, Jeff got a phone call that he has been selected to work in Madison, Wisconsin for another 13 week work assignment. Today he's checking out the paperwork, and the job would start October 5th.

Assuming all that goes well, we should be heading out of Lancaster next weekend and driving the 13+ hours to Madison with our stuff loaded into the truck.

I am still going to be designing the costumes for the production of "Our Town" at University of Penn, so after about 2 weeks in Madison I'll be flying back to Philly to work on the show, and will return to Madison after strike, somewhere around Nov. 23rd or so. So, out to Wisconsin for 2 weeks, back to lancaster for a month and a half, then back to madison until January 5th.

The most difficult part about this is that I will not be home for Christmas with my family. I'm pretty positive that I will be the first person not at my grandmothers for Christmas - ever. I'm also pretty positive that I'll hear about it for the rest of my life. But, since we'll be back early January, it's not so bad.

I'm also really leery of the cold weather - I am emphatically not a cold weather person. However, I will continue to look at the bright side - i get to wear my cute hats and fabulous "FMB" boots pretty much all the time. And the whole turning of the leaves thing that everyone raves about should be pretty cool too. But, this is a place that I've never been, so I am also really excited for the new adventures to be had!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lancaster Brewing Co.

During Les Miserables, actor Mark Aldrich, also of The Happy Hour Guys, visited the fantastic Lancaster Brewing Co. in downtown Lancaster - the video of which was just posted online this week.

The shots of the miniature horses and the rooster are from the day that Mark, Christen and I went for a buggy ride, and that's me towards the end saying goodbye to the rooster!

Enjoy the video, and check out for more like this!

and if the above embeded video doesn't work, check it out at:

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Apparently I deleted the reference image for my Wandering Unicorn banner!
I'll have to look for a new one.  A shame, because I love that image.
In the meantime, sorry the page looks so bland!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer Rolls

Today I went grocery shopping and decided to make summer rolls, which I have never done before. I used whatever veggies where laying in the fridge. Here ya go:

Shredded carrots, finely sliced green pepper, chopped mushrooms, chopped basil, rice noodles & rice paper rounds. Here you can see everything set up to assemble.

First, wet the rice papers in warm water to soften, then let the excess water drip off, lay on cutting board and put filling in about the center. Fold the bottom up, the sides in and roll up the rest of the way.

Voila! Finished rolls ready for lunch!

Nothing To Wear?

I'm in a bit of "down time" from travel, and still living in Lancaster. I've been helping work on my parents house and doing some meal planning with them, working on a book of my poetry, making jewelry and getting ready to [costume] design a show at University of Penn. Basically, I've been keeping busy as I can. So, as part of that, here is a blog entry that has NOTHING to do with travel and everything to do with my first love - FASHION.

Nothing To Wear?

With the changing of the seasons, now is the perfect time for a wardrobe edit, particularly if you're shouting "i have nothing to wear!" after trying on 3 unsuccessful outfits before going out the door (what, you've never done that before? lies!).

The first things you need to realize are these:

1) you do have clothes. clearly you just tried on three outfits, so you have at least that much!
2) you bought them so presumably at the time you liked them
3) everyone gets into a wardrobe rut. it's normal.

We get so used to seeing our same clothes every day, used to wearing them in certain 'outfits' that it gets difficult to see the individual pieces after a while. So, we're going to edit and look at them in a different way.

Step 1 - Clip. Go to your favorite magazines and catalogs and pull out everything that you love. I recently went through the past 3 months of Harper's Bazaar and Lucky Magazine because that's what i have. I clipped out every outfit that i was in love with, that i would buy and wear in a minute if i could, colors that i loved, anything inspiring.

Step 2 - Make A Collage.
yes, back to elementry school. or design school as the case may be! get yourself a notebook or a piece of posterboard and some double stick tape and tape all those little cut-out pictures into a collage of things you love. (leave a column of space on one side if you can).

here's the fall 09 collage that i made for an example! key words for me are: red-fuscia, purple-lavender, navy-aqua, sequins, metallics, satin, gray, silver, gold, cardigans, vests, leather, patent, tough punk, studs, rhinestones, tulle, sheer, blazers, florals, plaids, mini skirts, draping, ruffles, flats, platforms, feathers, barrettes, jewel tones, soft pink neutrals, chartreuse, black+white.

Step 3 - Break It Down! look at the overall picture. what colors are most dominant? it may be jewel tones, or faded colors, or a specific color or 3. look for color combos too - are you drawn to brights with black or tone on tone, monochromatic, crazy mix and match patterns? look at styles - do you have an abundance of miniskirts? scarves? boots? look at silhouettes - is everything boxy? flowy? make a list on the side of your collage of key words that sum up all the DOs of your collage. Also observe what's not there and keep that in mind for later.

Step 4 - Hang Your Collage somewhere where you can easily look at it and be inspired, and remind yourself of what you love!

Step 5 - Edit Out. Now comes the hard part. look at EVERY single piece of clothing and ask yourself - does this fit into my new 'rules'? if not, put it on a pile on your bed (or dresser, or wherever works). also keep in mind the season - bulky sweaters are not something you should be wearing if it's the middle of summer, so make a pile of off-season stuff. This will probably take a long time.

Make sure to try on everything of questionable fit and set it aside for alterations or make that choice to get rid of it if it just doesn't fit properly. this is a huge part of the problem for most women - sometimes we buy things withought trying them on, or we change size or shape and every time we put something on we wonder why it doesn't look right and it's because it literally just doesn't work on our bodies - fix it or get rid of it!

Step 6 - Edit In. Okay. sometimes there are things we cannot live without that may not be super cute or don't fit into our rules but our a part of our personal style. for me, that includes countless ribbed tees in a drawer, and some stand-by skirts i've had for a few years that i always get compliments on. You don't have to get rid of them, but be really picky about the things you add back in - make sure you love them!

my revised closet

Step 7 -Outfits. once you've gotten all of your edited items put out of sight (and out of mind!). you have yoru edited wardrobe. Now look at what you have in yoru closet. you should now have a closet full of things that follow your new rules, and now you can try to pair things together using your collage as a reference when you get stuck. make sure you have something to go with everything.

Step 8 - Make A List! - odds are you have a skirt or two that you have nothing to go with. if you don't, i aplaud you, and even question your truthfulness. for the rest of the world, figure out what you need and make yourself a little shopping list. look at your collage and see if there are key elements you are missing - do you love the juxtaposition of girlie and tough but don't own a single floral dress? do you love brights with black but don't own black tights? whatever it is, write it down.

Step 9 - Shopping! if you're not a visualizer, you can take those 2 pieces with you when you shop, look for what you need and try it on with the item - no sense in taking something home that you just have to return - save yourself the time and headache! if you want to take along yoru collage in your bag, go for it - you can pull it out in the dressing room and noone needs to know. Also, don't let yourself buy something that that you don't love and that doesn't fit into your rules - no matter what the price is! don't fall into those old bad habits that leave you in the same place you where 9 steps ago!

Step 10 - Enjoy! Fashion is fun!

.....and if all else fails, hire a stylist. you know where i am!

my current, very small, closet.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello, Dolly!

Tonight was the Opening of "Hello, Dolly!" at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
I sat with Christen and her sister Kerry for the show. Christen is the Company Manager for the Fulton, and we've worked together as dressers on the Fulton's productions of Les Miserables and 42nd Street.

The production was fantastic, and had a surprisingly modern feel to it - great job, cast!

The opening night party was held at the Hamilton Club on Orange Street:

The following photos from the evening are from Alessia (who plays Minnie) and from Franklin.

Christen & Alessia.

Andy & Alessia.

Brittany & Andy.

Mike P. from the Les Miserables cast & Alessia.

Daniella & Mitch

Daniella and her boyfriend, Franklin.

LaVon (Dolly) w/ Christen & Daniella.

Actresses Patrice, LaVon, Alessia & Brittany.

Robert, Alison, Patrice and Ellie.

Anne (Assistant Stage Manager) and her boyfriend Joe.

Brittany L. (Wardrobe Mistress) w/ Alessia.

After the formal Hamilton Club Opening Party, we headed to Mollys. These pics are all from Franklin - Thanks, Franklin!


Me & Julie (who is on Deck Crew for the show and prepares all the food in the show)

it got hot, so i put my hair up.

w/ julie again.

camera schmoozing

Beautiful Alison, who was also in the cast of 42nd Street.

Rebecca, the Scenic Painter for the Fulton.

What a great night! We ended up closing Mollys, and then Julie and I sat in the car and chatted for 2 more hours! What an unusual thing for me to be able to watch a show from the audience and not backstage! What a treat!