Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okay, I've had some questions on facebook regarding the move to Madison, so I thought that I'd take a moment to clarify what's going on, for those who haven't been following since January.

I moved out of Philadelphia, my home for 7 years, back to my parents house in Lancaster PA around October 2008. Jeff and I started dating late in 2009, but we have been friends since we where teens. Jeff has been a dialysis technician for about 9 years, and when we started dating he decided to take a job with a traveling medical agency. This means that for 3 months at a time, he gets placed at a different location across the country to fill in at their dialysis centers because they have staff on leave, are in the process of hiring new permanent workers, and various other reasons.

In January 2009 Jeff began his first assignment in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, and 3 months turned into 6 months. Now, the location is in Madison, Wisconsin until January 5, 2010.

I, however, had already agreed to design a show for University of Penn (I'm a costume designer), so after only 2 weeks in Madison, I had to fly back to Lancaster to work on the show. I will be returning to Madison towards the end of November.

Well, that's the story - thanks for your interest!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flying Out of Madison

Well, it's time for me to go back to Pennsylvania already, only 2 weeks after leaving for Madison.

High in the Sky:

Flying into Chicago:

Chicago airport at night:

Over Chicago at Night:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sorry For The Delay...

Sorry for the long delay in posting on Wisconsin. We've been getting settled and I've been working on designing my show, so that's taken up a lot of our time. Also, I don't have my photo program on this computer at the moment, so I can't post photos yet.

Just a quick note to let you know that i'll be back soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farmers Market

Of course in my process of bundling up to walk around, I forgot my camera today.

Jeff and I went to the farmers market that is on the [very large] block of the capitol building. There where tons of vendors there, and apparently this is a weekly thing. We overheard that it moves inside once it gets colder, and have to find out more info on that so we can continue to go.

Overall there where a lot of cheese stands (no surprise there!), but there also seemed to be a lot of hot peppers and hot pepper flavored things (maybe because it's cold? and hot stuff keeps you warm?), jerkey and beef sticks, and a lot of popcorn! Of course, lots of pumpkins too, but it's October so that's probably everywhere.

We ate a bunch of samples, we each had handmade donuts for breakfast, hot cheddar beef sticks, empenadas, and picked up some cheddar potatoes bread for later (which was fantastic).

As much as I enjoyed walking around the capital, I was really confused about the 'city'-ness of this city! Here we where in the middle of the city and there where people walking around the farmers market, but nowhere else! No cars! Where was the city?? Friends where telling me that I'd love Madison, and that I'd be happy to be in a city again (even though our house is 10 miles outside of the city proper) - and here I was in the city, and confused - what where they talking about, this place is empty! Cute, but empty!

We even walked by a group of college kids that commented on one of the Walgreens being less ghetto than one that was 3 blocks away. "Ghetto"? We laughed so hard. I doubt these kids have ever seen a ghetto first of all, second of all, you are in Madison. It is impossible for anything here to be described at all as remotely ghetto! Lol. You poor children have no clue....

At any rate, after the farmers market, i saw a cute street and began walking that way. The farther we walked, the more restaurants and shops there became - HEY! I FOUND THE CITY! It's on State Street!

Finally i realized what my friends must have been talking about. Restaurants, shopping, museums, galleries, cafes, all of it..... Okay, this is cute. Now if only our apartment where here, I would be even happier, but that's okay. That just means that I'll have to find out the buss route!

We finally left a little earlier than I would have liked, but it was cold, cold, cold outside and we weren't quite warmed up enough and headed home to do just that. What a nice day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A beautiful rainbow from our balcony!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Madison Apartment

When we got to our apartment in Madison, it was not exactly up to our expectations - there where some damages and we didn't find it to be cleaned properly. Also, there was a miscommunication between the apartment company, the agency and us about just how minimally furnished the place would be. We knew we'd have to buy things, but we didn't know that we would be walking into a completely bare bones apartment. So, after cleaning, we went out and bought everything we needed - sheets, dishes, shower curtain - everything.

But, here's the place we walked into before we really began unpacking...

Kitchen. Hass a pass-through above the sink to the dining area.

Kitchen into the hallway. Entrance door to the left, heater and washer doors ahead, rest of the apartment to the right.

Dining/Living room and balcony doors.

Towards the front door, dining room/kitchen/living room

Livingroom layout.

Little balcony.


Bedroom closets - yay! lots of space!

2nd Room - Empty!

Sorry, guests, you'll have to sleep on the floor!

... A few days later I re-arranged the living room and will probably re-arrange the bedroom later so that the bed isn't directly under the window with the outside lights shining through.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Driving to Madison

Jeff and I decided to do a road trip from our homes in Pennsylvania to our new place in Madison, WI. Mostly this was practical because we could back whatever we wanted in his truck, and then not have to rent a vehicle when we get there. But also we wanted to do it just for the fun of driving and seeing all the sights in between. Which, I can tell you, is not a whole lot for this drive. Our trip was from October 2nd - 3rd.

The things that stick out in my mind from this driving trip where that (1) Ohio has the nicest rest stops by far (2) there is a really weird 'Oasis' stop in Illinois - it is a rest stop in the middle of the highway, with a McDonalds and that's it, you park in the middle between the lanes of the highway! (3) the food at the restaurant we stopped at was way better than expected and our hotel was really nice (4) Chicago is insane and a pain in the butt to drive around!

Pretty sky during our drive:

Dinner - yum!

Hotel we stayed at en route:


Some bright blue factory building that I thought looked cool:

Old building:

Almost at Chicago!

A Cube. That's really what it's called. And that's really what it looks like.


Welcome to Wisconsin!

We made it!