Saturday, October 3, 2009

Driving to Madison

Jeff and I decided to do a road trip from our homes in Pennsylvania to our new place in Madison, WI. Mostly this was practical because we could back whatever we wanted in his truck, and then not have to rent a vehicle when we get there. But also we wanted to do it just for the fun of driving and seeing all the sights in between. Which, I can tell you, is not a whole lot for this drive. Our trip was from October 2nd - 3rd.

The things that stick out in my mind from this driving trip where that (1) Ohio has the nicest rest stops by far (2) there is a really weird 'Oasis' stop in Illinois - it is a rest stop in the middle of the highway, with a McDonalds and that's it, you park in the middle between the lanes of the highway! (3) the food at the restaurant we stopped at was way better than expected and our hotel was really nice (4) Chicago is insane and a pain in the butt to drive around!

Pretty sky during our drive:

Dinner - yum!

Hotel we stayed at en route:


Some bright blue factory building that I thought looked cool:

Old building:

Almost at Chicago!

A Cube. That's really what it's called. And that's really what it looks like.


Welcome to Wisconsin!

We made it!


  1. you're moving to wisconsin?!?!?!? huh?

  2. With jeff's job, he gets employed for 3 months at a time across the country. Current location is Madison Wisconsin until January 5th.