Sunday, October 4, 2009

Madison Apartment

When we got to our apartment in Madison, it was not exactly up to our expectations - there where some damages and we didn't find it to be cleaned properly. Also, there was a miscommunication between the apartment company, the agency and us about just how minimally furnished the place would be. We knew we'd have to buy things, but we didn't know that we would be walking into a completely bare bones apartment. So, after cleaning, we went out and bought everything we needed - sheets, dishes, shower curtain - everything.

But, here's the place we walked into before we really began unpacking...

Kitchen. Hass a pass-through above the sink to the dining area.

Kitchen into the hallway. Entrance door to the left, heater and washer doors ahead, rest of the apartment to the right.

Dining/Living room and balcony doors.

Towards the front door, dining room/kitchen/living room

Livingroom layout.

Little balcony.


Bedroom closets - yay! lots of space!

2nd Room - Empty!

Sorry, guests, you'll have to sleep on the floor!

... A few days later I re-arranged the living room and will probably re-arrange the bedroom later so that the bed isn't directly under the window with the outside lights shining through.

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