Monday, December 28, 2009

Apartment to Hotel

Something got messed up in the housing arrangements, so Jeff and I have to move from our apartment in madison to a residential-style hotel just up the street for the rest of our stay here in Wisconsin, about a week. So, that means today is full of packing and moving. O what fun!

Not to worry, the first thing I did when getting to the hotel was jump on the bed, then after unpacking, took a nice hot bubble bath. Not a bad place - like a good sized and nice studio apartment. I can definitely deal.

And today we got a call that there is a chance to go to Maui with the agency. I have mixed feeling son this - i'm sure Maui is beautiful, and had a fantastic time living on the Big Island. However, I also really miss the city and work - so we're waiting until it's a real offer to make a definite decision.

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