Thursday, December 10, 2009


This morning it was -5 degrees when Jeff left for work at 6am. Looks like the high for the next few days is going to be 35 degrees on Monday.

Jeff is currently helping Marie, another traveling tech staying in the same development, dig her car out of the foot of snow, PLUS all the snow that the development's plow pushed around her car, completely packing it in. The snow was higher than her knees this morning, so Jeff drove her in to work so she wouldn't have to dig it out at 5:30am.

Marie, interestingly enough, was also in Hawaii at the same time we were, and on the same island - she was just in Hilo while we were in Kailua-Kona. We all knew some of the same people, she and Jeff both worked with some of the same people, and we never met until moving to Wisconsin, where she started the week after Jeff did.

Small world.

Also, apparently something was mixed up with the apartment situation, so we will have to move out of this place on December 31st. However, Jeff's last day of work isn't until January 2nd. So, no idea where we will be. I suppose the agency will put us up in a hotel for the extra few days, but we've yet to find out the details.

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