Monday, January 25, 2010

Ukemehame Beach Park

After a late start to our day because Jeff had to re-format his entire computer so that it was once again usable, Simon called and told us that he was in Maui and so we decided to meet him at a beach. Jeff picked a mid-way point, at mm12, Ukemehame Beach Park. This is a decent stretch of sand right next to the turnoff from the road, so it's super quick and easy access, though doesn't give you that same tranquil hideaway feeling as some other beaches. Also, much of the water is only about waist deep for a long ways out. However, it was a nice place to float about in the water, be in the ocean and catch up with our island friend. I took just a few pictures there:

Afterwards, we went to BJ's Chicago Pizza on Front Street in Lahaina, which the almighty Blue Book has proclaimed as having the best pizza in all of Maui. We sat in the upstairs section overlooking the water and sunset, I enjoyed a nice Bikini Blonde Beer by the Maui Brewing Company, and I have to say my $26 small pizza with a garlic cream sauce, spinache, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and shrimp was pretty freaking fantastic. Pricey, but fantastic. Also, their Fried Motzarella is a great choice - plenty for 3 of us to share, it's not just motzarella sticks, but 6 good-sized wedges and not greasy at all. The boys each got a made to order calzone, and were a little disappointed that although the taste was good, they were really quite small and on the bready side - but I guess that's what you should expect for a mere $9.

All in all it was really relaxing, delicious, and we had a great time seeing our friend. Simon is working at the other clinic all of this week, and Jeff will get to work with him for a few hours there on Wednesday. At this point, it's looking as though Simon will only be able to stay the week, so it is good that we got to see him now. However, we have our fingers crossed that he'll be able to stay longer and we can all go on some more adventures together on Maui.

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