Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walk to Napili Plaza

Today Jeff worked at another clinic that is farther away, so I didn't have the car. In the afternoon, I took a walk down our road and up the street to go get some coffee or I wouldn't have any for tomorrow and that is just plain unacceptable. So, here are some pics from my walk.

Our apartment. The front railing says Ma Lau Ting, and there is a busstop right outside our bedroom window which is really fun for jeff at 9am, but I've been out of bed by that time so far.

Next is a bunch of houses on our street:

And now up the other street (can't recall the name):

I love how so many of the homes in hawaii are flat 50's looking houses and brightly colored. It really does look like an old Elvis movie in some places!

Ah, the shops to get coffee.

And walking back a slightly different route:


it started lightly raining towards the end of my walk. look at that ominous sky!

now a bunch of pictures of Myna birds for Kelly, Jeff's sister, who is going to be doing a unit on Hawaiian Wildlife for her kids at school.

This is more of that yellow house we saw earlier, the back side of it. I just thought it was a really cute look between a cottage and a Hawaiian home, and was different from most of the homes that I've seen around here.

tree, of an undetermined type.

Butterfly in the Sky..... and Tree.....

More birds. Also Myna, I think.

This tree is across the street and VERY unusual looking.

Back on our property:

I thought the leaves were really neat; they look like they've been painted, or that their paint is wearing off.

This is a tree outback, and I'm not sure what it is. I'm thinking Kumquat or Loquat maybe? I'll have to snag a fruit and open it to find out - or please let me know if you can tell what it is!

Plumeria - none are really in bloom much around here. I can't wait till they are, there are some right outside our front door :)

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