Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Anticipation of Hawaii

This time in Hawaii, my goal is to eat more Hawaiian foods, fruits and dishes. In case you couldn't tell already, I LOVE food. Since we left Kona last year, I have thought of all of the things that I never got around to trying while I was there.

Loco Moco - White Rice, Hamburger, fried eggs and gravy. A total island food, and as excited as I was to try this last time, somehow I never got around to it - for shame!

Saimin - a Hawaiian noodle soup. I will also have to make this, it seems to me like the island soup answer to pizza or quiche - here's your base (noodles, broth) and throw in whatever you've got and it'll be delish. But first, I must try some there.

Things I can't wait to have again:

Lavosh - called crackers but they are somewhere between crackers and cookies, depending what flavor you get - sweet fruit flavored or savory

Pineapple fried rice - just not the same here, and our pineapple doesn't even begin to compare

Poke - I could eat this pretty much every single day. Raw Ahi sliced and mixed with a few other simple ingredients. Often this includes onions, sometimes tomatoes, seaweed, sesame oil, soy sauce, chilies but there are many variations and every one fantastic. Can also be made with other fish ingredients, such as the Tako Poke we had last year, made with Octopus.

Lilikoi Juice - used to drink this about every day. I think Jeff practically lived on this.

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