Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Making Space

Went into Lahaina town today for day one of job hunting. The parking lot I parked in is free for 3 hours - somewhat scarce for the area where most everything is pay parking. Spaces are valuable, and a guy walking to his car waved me onward so that I could follow him and take his spot as he left. Here, someone must have been in a pinch, and created their own parking space.

So, after lots of walking around, I have to come up with a work history list. Most places don't use applications, and ask for my resume, but I'm pretty positive that a coffee shop has no interest in my actual resume for my costume designing, LOL! So, I have to come up with a work history resume listing all of my restaurant/cafe/boutique experience and references to take around town later this week to apply for jobs. this would probably be something useful to have anyway - it's really hard to fill out applications when I can't recall where I've worked and when over the years!

However, I found one place that i WANT to work, and another place that is my fallback because I'm told they're always hiring (that is, if I can stand working at Bubba Gump, because apparently it's so bad they can't keep staff? makes me very very leery....) So, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Oh, and found 2 places that may be able to sell my jewelry. One I'm on a relatively long waiting list (Maui Hands) and the other I have to send some info to the owner. So fingers crossed on that front too.

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