Saturday, January 30, 2010

Napili Beach

Nothing ever beats breakfast in my book. Some things come close, but ya just can't beat this.

Jeff worked today until 2pm, then came back to the apartment and we decided to head out to a nearby beach, just drive up the street until we came across something. So here are a few trips of the view during our drive:

We end up going to Napili Beach.

This beach is unique because of the steeply sloaped sand into the ocean. Finally the water gets about a foot deep and then it drops off to about 3 feet deep rather quickly. If you love to just float up on the beach this is great place to do that. But Jeff and I both donned our snorkels (me in flippers too) and swam out a bit, deciding that the best thing to do at this particular beach was search for shells.

This was intended to be put together as a panorama shot of the beach, but my laptop is still down and Jeff's doesn't have the same image software, so until then, you'll have to suffer through separate pictures. Just picture them all taped together :)

Look, Kelly, wildlife! Hahahah....

Funny, I thought i LEFT Philly?.....

Jeff checking out the ocean, with our bag of snorkel gear.

More ocean views:

For those of you wondering, that is Molokai in the distance.

Pics of me - I was being impatient while Jeff texted everyone a pic of the beautiful beach - it's snowing back home in Pennsylvania.

This is about 4pm here. Just incredible.

Because of the dropoff, there's a sort of wall underneath the edge of the water; when normally the shells and rocks would wash up on the beach, they all stop here. Which means just at the edge of that dropoff, you can snorkel and find tons of great seashells if you're really looking for them. If you don't mind being occasionally twarted by the waves and being suddenly washed up ashore, 5 feet from the water!

Here are our finds for the day.

The white shell is one that Jeff found, and so far, my favorite. The bottom one is my biggest find.

However, this guy was still alive, so I took him back out to his home.

All of our finds for the day. Mostly shells, a few pieces of shells and some sea glass including a beautiful colored blue piece of glass!


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