Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chartres Labyrinth & leaving Makalua-puna Point

After checking out Makalua-puna Point in Kapalua (in West Maui), we unexpectedly found the White Coral Chartres Labyrinth! So beautiful, and we took our time to walk through the path, lay an offering in the center, and walk back out. What a serene and surreal fealing to walk a sacred space right on the shores of Maui with these beautiful views - you can't help but feel a connection with the land!


I tried to take pictures of the Labyrinth, but it's very difficult to do that if you're not above them!

looking back towards Makalua-puna Point.

Jeff took pics of me taking pics:

Jeff's pictures of Mauka side:

Walking back to the car, through the Napili Bay Golf Course. Thinking of you, Jerad!


More pics of the grounds, and the Honokahua Preservation Site.

Views, while back in the parking lot

Jeff, chatting away with Brandan on the phone

What a lovely afternoon!

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