Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hookapi Lookout & Twin Falls

Today was Round 1 on the Road to Hana, and we planned to hike the four falls. Packed all of our gear the night before and headed out the door around 9am.

Ready for Adventure!

Sugar fields along Rt. 30 and towards Paia:

Jeff felt this mountain (in the distance) ought to have a castle on top of it.

We just drove through the town of Paia this time around, but we'll come back here again. There are lots of cute little shops!

Driving out of Paia and onto the Road to Hana!

Oops! Had to pull over, just before the Hookapi Lookout. Gorgeous views of the ocean. We also stopped on our way back home today, so you'll see more photos from this same lookout (though at the actual turnoff) later in this entry.

Back on the road....

Okay, First stop, TWIN FALLS....

This was just a random road sign. I'm not entirely sure what this particular FTL is standing for, but found it interesting none the less.

At this stop there is a fruit stand that sells drinks, snacks and banana bread that the Blue Book says is really good, but we passed on that today. And apparently forgot to even take a picture of it. Oops! Slacking.

First Fall at Twin Falls:

Over on the left side of the image, if you look at it large size, you can see what looks like where this falls "twin" probably comes down when there's more water. I *Think* this is supposed to be the actual twin falls, but we walk on another trail and do find another fall later. Not sure.

Me, in a tree, looking at the falls.

Plants, walking to the other falls. (No, the plants weren't walking, we were! You're so silly...)

Fall #2 at Twin Falls.

Okay, now HERE we are doing something different. We continued on our adventure to FOUR FALLS (o no, not just two, but 4. and then some!) but that's going to be a whole other entry! Hiking through bamboo forest, boulder hopping across streams, rope and wall climbing, climbing over a waterfall and swimming to get to another one.... Oh what an adventure! But, because of the swim part, we took our disposible cameras in a ziplock baggie, so YOU have to WAIT just like we do for them to get developed before you can see all the pictures from our crazy adventure.

Until then, after a very long adventure, we drove back homeward. And stopped at the real Hookapi Lookout, and took some more pictures around 5pm.

Surfer Alert!

Look, Kelly, More Wildlife (Lol... you asked.....)!

What a fantastic day!

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