Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day with friends at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahalui (Central Maui).

Everyone got to meet Katie and we had a great cookout and lunch of steak on the grill (by simon!), shoyu and hawaiian poke, crackers, cheese, and a variety of beer. Talked story and ate, then checked out the water which was horribly murky.

Sarah and Katie's masks were both broken, but after going out in the water for 5-10 minutes I came back b/c it didn't get any clearer by swimming out farther - could just see to the end of my outstreatched hand - so we just hung out and talked, and enjoyed the view and all of the wind- and kite-surfers Boys came back shortly after, realizing the reef wasn't any better either so no spearfishing for the day.

So, the water was a bust, but the day was fantastic - such a great time with friends.

Afterwards, Simon, Jeff and I went to the movies and saw Wolfman which was really fun!

So, perhaps an unconventional Valentines Day for a couple since we didn't do the 'go out on a date/dinner' kind of thing, but we had such a great day with our friends, I'd take that any day! (Well, almost. Rain check on the date night....)

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