Monday, March 8, 2010

Wailuku, & Paia Beach

Jeff worked in Wailuku today, and I had the day off, so I decided to go along and then spend the day around town and checking out Paia some more on my own.

First I stopped to take a pic of this lovely church in Wailuku, that had some interesting stained glass windows.

some of the grounds surrounding the church...

Then I made a stop in at Maui Beads of Paradise and checked out their gemstone and jewelry supply selection - also found out that they will be having a Trunk Show this weekend, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to get back to it. At any rate, they have really nice stuff and lots of gemstones in a cute little out-of-the-way shop that's really pleasant to go through. I will definitely be back!

Then, On to Paia. Went into a bunch of shops, found 2 dresses that i REALLY liked, that unfortunately did not fit me as well as I would have liked them to. Yes, I took pictures. Why? Cause they were cute! Plus, i could totally make the first one. And if i had a sewing machine here, I may have ventured to buy it anyway and just alter it a bit to fit better - but alas, no sewing machine, and i can't justify buying something to alter in another 3 months so that it's finally wearable. The 2nd dress i loved, looked great on me, but the small was just too big and they don't make an XS - not alterable. :( oh well....

Then more shopping around - had lunch at the outdoor seating section of the restaurant on the corner (the name is escaping me at the moment). I had a FANTASTIC Blackened Ahi Burritto that had a honey glaze over the top, and was even better than i thought that it would be, having never had mexican food containing fish before. However, i want to add, for if nothing else other than my own satisfaction, that my waitress was AWFUL. Had the food not been so good, I wouldn't have gone back. She was training another waitress, and while she checked in numerous times with the tables around me, I was left to sit for almost 10 minutes before being given a menue, another almost 10 till i got my glass of water, never checked back on after my food arrived, had to stop and ask her for a box and to ask for my napkin twice, my check, everything. Clearly, she didn't think that a single girl at the restaurant was going to tip her well and neglected to provide even normal service - and with crappy service like that, you can't bet that I didn't (and I always tip, and pretty well at that, since I've waitressed before). However, the food really was excellent - I'll assume the poor service was a fluke. She seemed, after all, perfectly nice to everyone else.

Next was another bead store, Aloha Bead Co., a small-ish shop split into 2 seperate rooms - one for gemstone type beads, the other for glass and crystal beads. For me, who Only really works with gemstones - this was fantasic - I didn't even have to bother with the other stuff. However, each of the two stores are quite small and packed with gemstones - great for selection, tricky for mobility and relaxed browsing. Seemed nice enough, a little expensive, but they were having a great sale on some beads out in the hallway, 1/2 off a few different things, so i bought a strand of pretty faceted iolite gemstones that I'm really looking forward to working with - for less than $20. Happy girl.

With a bit of the day left to kill, I went to Paia Beach just down the street and enjoyed the mostly-secluded stretch of sand for a little while, even though the day was cooling down by this point. I got some great pictures of the evening sun, however, and collected a few Eye of Shiva Shells that seemed to be everywhere on the sand (small white round shells with a spiral design in them).

With some more time to kill, I checked out the Queen Ka'ahumanu Shopping Center for a while, then met Jeff and Simon at work and went to Kahalui Ale House for some Guinness and pool - you know Jeff was a happy camper! Probably the last time I'll get to see Simon since I work on Friday, and that's the day he's heading back to Oahu. But that's okay, we'll catch up again soon.

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