Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kahaualea Natural Area Reserve - CLOSED!

 Not that I went on this trail *ahem* - after all, it is "closed" -
but if I had gone on such a hike, the picture from it would probably look much like this.

above photos are from the drive to Volcano.

After 4+ miles through tropical muddy woods of ever-changing terrain, 
a field of lava from the very recent past....

inspecting the layers of lava

And then another 2-3 hours hike back - be sure not to get lost!

After about 10 minutes or so, we realize we passed our turn and went the wrong way.  The very cool looking spiderweb across our path was one of our last giveaways to know it was time to turn around, and find where we went wrong - apparently we missed our fork in the road and had kept going straight, instead of turning left.  So, after we found our fork, back we went, muddy and a bit tired of walking.

This was a BEAUTIFUL hike, and while we were not able to go to the cone or see flowing glowing orange lava, it was a great journey (if muddier than I'd like from the recent rain) and I really enjoyed all of the various trees and ferns (as I'm sure you can tell from the photos!).  I would definitely recommend this trail - but of course, only if it is OPEN when you visit.  :)