Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to Kuki'o Beach!

Today we went to Kukio Beach for the first time in about 2 years.  I have to say, I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite beach.  It IS  a man-made beach, and there are sandier beaches, and bigger crescent beaches, and cute hole-in-the-wall beaches, but this beach just has everything.

There's a tidepool with a sandy bottom that is perfect for families and children and if you're looking to just lounge and play in the water.  There are sandy stretches where honu often sun themselves, lots of seashells to do some beach combing, rocks to fish off of and you'll always catch something (nothing huge, but something!)  lots of good snorkeling - just be sure to wear your tabi and some gloves to help you get in and out of the water. You can kayak here and it even has a grassy area to picnic!  Best yet, there are only 20 parking spaces here, so it's NEVER packed, and worse case is you can't get in.  But if you can, it's the single best beach to spend the whole day.

This is *our* tree.  :) It is the first place we put our stuff the very first time that we came to this beach, and its always the spot we look for when we arrive.

i love this.  two years ago, this looked like a dinosaur skeleton to me.  after that much time of water and weather, it looks more like the would-be skeleton of a skeksi (from the movie dark crystal)

Jeff and I both went snorkeling, Jeff with his Hawaiian Sling-spear in hand, and came back out with three fishes that we will happily eat for dinner one day.  Until then, gutted and into the cooler they go!

Top left: Orange Spine Unicornfish (a type of surgeonfish) & _____
Top Right:  a kind of unicornfish.  Bottom:  Tail of the Orange Spine fish - youch!

(above) the unicronfish  (below) the orange blade fish

What a wonderful and relaxing day!  Swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing & some fish!  Now a little relaxing under the tree and then home to nurse our sunburned backs!


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