Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fishing at OTEC

We went fishing at OTEC, which is a beach area in North Kona.  OTEC stands for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, and this beach has large plastic pipelines out towards the beach.  This isn't really a swimming beach, but it's definitely a fishing beach, as you go out towards the ends of the pipelines and fish off of the cliffs of lava.  Today we fished, with not a lot of luck, but a really good time.  I caught 4  fish, all of which got thrown back - too small or non edible.  Ah well.  Guess it's pasta & sausages for dinner instead of fish!

This is the first of two rock cod that I pulled up - the second one was a little bit bigger.  Even so, you can eat rock cod, but they are a PAIN!  They have tones of tiny little bones and spines  and are more trouble than they are worth unless they are sizable, and even then i tend to pick them all apart with my fingers to feel for bones before eating them.  So, back to the ocean, little guy.

Now this little red fish would be tasty - but way too small!  Back into the ocean for this guy - grow up so I can eat you next time!

Now this was hilarious.  all that stuff that looks like guts - that's really just the bait on my hook, so don't get freaked out.  Poor little puffer fish was barely snagged on one of the barbs of the hook - not even the hook itself!  and he was caught near his back fin - he didn't even eat it!  Poor little confused puffer fish, back into the ocean for you!

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