Thursday, February 17, 2011

All Roads Lead To.....Kuki'o?

Okay!  Wanted to check out a new fishing spot.  To get here, you drive north of Kona, and turn left just before the road that takes you to Costco.  The only problem was there is construction here on the wall, so we left.  But first, we walked around a bit....  Later, I read in the Blue Book that there are a lot of trails, small pools and such around here, so I plan to go back sometime soon!

my traveling feet!

On the left side of this sea wall, is a pond.  
The wall is being rebuilt to maintain the protection of the lake.

We walked down one of the paths for a while (if you go, take water!) to a little beach off the side where we found TONS of washed up urchin shells!  In about 5 minutes within a 15 foot stretch of sand, we collected about 8 urchins - another reason to go back!

So, that beach being busted for our fishing goal of the day, we headed onward to the Hualalai Resort portion of Kuki'o Beach.  This is a great spot to hang out, and if you take the first path off to the left from the parking lot, the sand is great, you're at the north end of Kuki'o, and the rocks along the northernmost side has some great diving of fishes. 

However, today the waves were rolling and it was a little too dangerous for diving - noone wants to be smashed into rocks!  And so, being already 1:30, itching to get in the water, and virtually right next door, back to our regular spot at Kuki'o we went for the day.

I did some swimming around the tidepool, and some fishing without much success.  Jeff went spearfishing and got the two fish above, a _______ & a _______.  (to be filled in later!)

And, that evening, a stunning sunset which is not very well captured on my camera, but here it is just the same:

Aloha, and good night, everyone!

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