Sunday, April 17, 2011

Magic Sands Aloha BBQ for Tina

We went to a beach at Magic Sands for Tina (one of Jeff's co-workers) aloha BBQ - it's her last week working at the Kona Dialysis Clinic.  I was so busy enjoying the Picnic - all of the food and the company - that I completely forgot to take pictures until Jeff came back in from fishing and most everyone had already left!  Oh well, Please enjoy the fishes!

above left:  pananu  /  above right:  nenue
below left: a larger nenue   /  below right: kala

(above, L-R)  Alfred, Isaac, Jeff & Daniel


Monday, April 11, 2011

Aloha Theatre Cafe, Finding Zen at Hononau, & A Hui Hou to my Maui girls

So, after some evening henna action, Jen got "asha", the sanskrit word for "hope" on her ankle, and having already decorated both of us, Archana did her own little design on the back of her hand...

It was a rainy day, so not much for beach time or hiking.  So, we did what we do.  We shopped. 
But first, Breakfast at the Historic Aloha Theatre's Cafe

Shopping around Kainaliu Town, between Kailua-Kona and Captian Cook.

Donkey Balls is a Hawaiian chain of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, that are pretty amazing.  As well as hilariously named.  Jen & Archana both bought some to take back to Maui.

Then a stop at Kealekekua to see the Captain Cook Monument,
(oops!  missing some pics!)
and on to Hononau, where everything was re-opened!
No disrespect to the Hawaiian culture, we're just a bunch of goofballs....

it is not as easy as it looks to maintain yoga poses, on rough lava rocks, while cracking up...

many mahalos to our impromptu photographers!

um...oops!  the sign was farther down on the wall - we had no idea :/

(above) Archana & Jen sit down for a riveting faux game of a Hawaiian version of checkers
(below) Archana thought I could fit into a lava hole that was used to evaporate water into salt, and to pound poi.  I did not think so.  She may have won.

(above)  lava flow formed around ancient fallen trees

Please pardon our indulgence in a zillion photographs with palm trees...

(above) a decieced crab, and a bee, inside holes of the rock wall.


(above) this rock is said to be the favored place to rest and relax of King Kamehameha III.

It was said that the Queen ran and hid under this rock, and her barking dog gave her away.
For this reproduction, there was actually a bird that started squawking as soon as I crouched down!

(above) this was a very large, very odd/fake looking bird at the pond.  Kinda creepy.
After some more shopping in Kona town, it was off to the airport.  
A Hui Hou (until we meet again!) to my Maui girls!